There’s an old adage: “It’s not how much you make that counts, it’s how much of it you get to keep.” In a tenuous economy, keeping what you make becomes ever more challenging, not just because sales and profits are down, but because many companies put themselves in the position to diminish their profits due to bad hires, high employee turnover, poor morale and productivity, or worse, non-compliance with federal and state labor laws, employee lawsuits and claims of discrimination. All too frequently, these problems can be avoided by having a qualified Human Resources presence in the company. But not every company has the budget or the bandwidth to hire an HR professional.

That is why Acclaim HR Consulting was founded. It is a full-service Human Resources group specializing in small, mid-sized and start-up companies. We are dedicated to providing the strategies, tactical answers and professional assistance you need to avoid costly problems, identify risks and liabilities, and enhance the bottom line through experienced knowledge, awareness and timely action. We provide services to nearly every type of business, from construction, automobile dealerships, agricultural nurseries, contractors, medical offices, service providers, clothiers, engineering firms, non-profit organizations – even tanning salons.

AHR offers nearly 30 years experience in a wide variety of industries and company cultures. That has culminated in developing the HR strategies and skills to help your company make better hiring decisions; keep employees satisfied with their work life; improve supervisors’ ability to manage consistently, communicate effectively, and exhibit the care that enhances morale, productivity and your bottom line.

A brief list of services that Acclaim HR Consulting offers include:


Acclaim HR Consulting can provide any company with all its Human Resources needs. Whether you have to establish an HR presence from the ground up, need to strengthen your existing HR function, or want to develop your supervisors’ leadership skills, Acclaim will provide the guidance, information and tools necessary for your management team to do their job well all the time.